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March 20, 2023

When ordering, it is very helpful to make sure you ADD A MESSAGE. The notes you add when checking out will not be seen by us unless you click "ADD MESSAGE" AFTER you type it.

Our King salmon supply is still looking good with some #1 quality pressure bled King Salmon. King salmon fillet inventory is good and the price is $23.98lb before shipping. The Winter King fishery ended March 15th. The next King Salmon season for the commercial fishermen is not scheduled until the 3rd week of June, There have been some spring test fisheries most years that haven't been announced so far. Sockeye season was pretty solid last season, however we are already sold out on fresh frozen sockeye fillets. We do have plenty of the smoked sockeye salmon for $19.98lb Silver(Coho) salmon was slow but steady and we have a decent inventory on fresh frozen $13.98lb and smoked silver $19.98lb. Black Cod fillets are $19.98lb and well stocked. Rockfish Fillets @ $10.98lb also are looking good.

2023 Halibut season is off and rolling. Prices have started out a bit higher than we saw to end last season. We have Halibut fillets for $25.98lb. We have a large inventory of Halibut Cheeks available for $21.98lb. We have some really nice 2022 season. Weathervien 2022 Scallops are in stock and very tasty, 5lb box is $130 or $28.95lb if you don't want a whole box.

We do have Smoked King Salmon fillets at $31.98lb and Smoked Coho(silver) or Smoked Sockeye both $19.98lb and Smoked Black Cod at $28.95lb.

Black Cod and Halibut Seasons are open again and will remain open through at least mid-November. Halibut Fillets are $25.98lb. Do remember to add a note on your gift order in the "MESSAGES" area on the order form.

Smoked Red King Salmon is in stock at $31.98lb. Please contact us with any questions.

We will try and keep you posted here as things change.

Many thanks to the hardy fishermen who brave Alaska's seas to haul in those wily wild salmon!

Contact us via E-Mail here on our web-site or Toll Free at 877-789-0789 If you are here in Juneau our local phone number is (907)789-5142


March 20, 2023

Our inventory is changing more often than we update the website sometimes. It is a good idea to use the email us button on the website to request a current list of items that are available. These items will be listed without shipping included so you could build a box through email or calling or both:). The Salmon runs were quite different this year and was very challenging to keep stocked up as our customers were enjoying salmon more than ever:).

WE HAVE ATTRACTIVE GIFT GREETING CARDS AVAILABLE IN ANY AMOUNT. Give us a call at our toll free number and we´┐Żll get the information we need.

For the local folks we have plenty of our Double Smoked Hams, Bacon ribs and other goodies in stock! we now have 2023 Smoked and Fresh frozen Black Cod! 2023 Halibut Fillets are in stock as well.

There are many different sizes of shipping boxes available for you to ship whatever combination of seafood you would like to put together. We will figure the shipping once we have a box weight. The boxes are generally pack well enough to last for 2 days but would rather get it to you in one(especially on the fresh frozen fish).

We have 2023 Alaska Halibut fillets at $25.98lb, Smoked Black Cod(very oily!)$28.95lb. We do have 2022 Large Alaskan Scallops available for $28.95lb/$130 for 5lb Box. Fresh Frozen Rockfish is in stock at $10.98lb

Consider adding to your order a package of our incredibly tasty Smoked Salmon Spread or our delicious Crab Dip, both of which are very popular locally.

Smoked King is $31.98/lb. Smoked Silver Salmon is 19.98lb.


It's easy to add items to any order placed through our catalog (or feel free to call in or e-mail your order). Just make a note in the "messages" area of the order blank and we will add whatever you like to your order. We will adjust your total cost to include the extra product and additional shipping.

Many thanks, and enjoy your wild Alaska seafood! --Scott


salmonJerry's Meats & Seafoods Inc. has been serving Juneau and Southeast Alaska for more than 25 years. Now you can have our award-winning products shipped to your own front door.

In Juneau, Alaska, where Smoked Salmon is served at every party and is a favorite snack food, Jerry's Smoked King Salmon, Salmon Spread and Crab Dip outsell all others combined.

Lavish your palate in luxury by ordering our fresh frozen sockeye or king salmon steaks and fillets. Enjoy Alaska's finest halibut. If your tastes extend beyond seafood, ask us to ship Alaska reindeer sausage with your order.

We prepare our smoked salmon with a direct, slow-smoking method of cooking over pure alderwood chips. We start with the finest quality fresh fish, add it to a simple salt, sugar and water brine, free of chemicals, preservatives or additives. These all natural seafood products are lovingly prepared and hand-packed in our special kitchen.

We believe you will savor the results and that you will enjoy the no-hassle, direct-to-your-door delivery of the finest smoked salmon anywhere.